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Mozart visited Caraglio street and

the Borgo San Paolo district

January 27 1771  


Mozart inTorino from January 14 till January 31 1771

Mozart father and son made three trips to Italy in late 1769 or early 1773. During this first of these trips, the longest oneLeopold Mozart and his son Wolfgang arrived in Turin from Milna Monday, January 14, 1771.

They stopped at the early 18th century former coaching inn (now Hotel Dogana Vecchia, via Corte d'appello 4) situatded in an extremely convenient location for foreigners coming by carriage from Milan.

The January 27, 1771 Wolfgang fulfills his fifteenth birthday in Turin, probably celebrating at the Inn where he was staying. Historical sources do not give information about the presumed activities of Mozart during that day.

Sunday morning January 27 1771.

Probably Mozart with his father did not stay the whole day in the Inn.

Probably on a horse-drawn carriage they  left the Hotel dogana vecchia, headed down the road of Dora Grossa (now Via Garibaldi), in order to reach the city gate (Piazza Statuto), took the way  (Via San Paolo) situated in front of the Citadel, and arrived at the Monastery of the spiritual exercises belonging to the Jesuit order, invited there for  a brief meeting with the fathers. The Mozart family had a good relationship to the Jesuit order.

The Convent of Jesuit spiritual exercises "Fabbrica degli Esercizi Spirituali" was a Jesuit order owned building, founded around 1700 by the count Silverstro Olivero.

The Convent, a place of prayer, had  a great renown throughout the region Piedmont, was situated in Borgo San Paolo fromer area, in the present-day Via Caraglio, at that tine only a footpath along the walls of the complex. The Convent was  just a few steps from the Canal where my B&B is now situated.

Today the Convent does not exist any more.

In 1779 the Convent became a seminar, in 1866 was confiscated by the State,and transformed into a ammunition storage magazine for the Italian army. It was demolished in 1941 to allow the Lancia car manufacturer to expand. Today on the site of the 18th century historic site we find a mall and new housing blocks. A part of the St. Paolo Street became a parking lot.

  Painting of Ignazio Sclopis exibited in the Racconigi castle reproducing the Convent in the second half of 18 century

The former building "Ammunition storage magazine" in 1941 shortly before demolition


Mozart and his father stayed only a couple of hours in the Convent.

Maybe Mozart approached a window, and he looked at incoming sunset.

He saw a series of canals in the cold and grey countryside.

A strange feeling of aneasy curiousity suddenly seized him, as if someone, invisible in the mist  covering the wet fileds, standing at the place where my house will be erected in his future, as if this ghost from the future slightly bowed in front of him in a gesture of respect and gratitude for the eternal sound of his music, a fantastic bow expressing a deep dedication of the soul.


But it was only for a moment. Shortly after this fantastic view disapeared. Mozart left the window, the Convent and the district that did not exist  as yet.

Perhaps Mozart visited the Caraglio street on this distant day inJanuary 1771, his visit is not probable, but it could be possible, in any case it was not confirmed by historical sources.

But his eternal music can still be heard in the Caraglio street, it will sound for ever, around the place,  in my heart, calmly, joyfully.

Maybe Mozart is still at the window of the lost Convent of the spiritual exercises, that does not exist anymore, waiting silently that his music will be able to make a miracle, to unite the people, to create comprehension and solidarity, love and tolerance among the people on earth.


 The Convent  in the second half of 19 century, and the place where may house will be erected




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